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Are you searching for a reliable plumber or heating and cooling contractor in Plover, WI? Look no further than Bob’s Plumbing & Heating, a superior choice since 1987. We strive to hire the best in the industry so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your home comfort is well taken care of. We provide ongoing training to our team so that you receive the highest level of efficient and thorough service. Plover is just minutes away from our Amherst location along WI-54 and Hwy JJ.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Services in Plover, WI

All homeowners want their furnace and air conditioner to last as long as possible with minimal repairs. In order to achieve this, you’ll want to invest in routine maintenance. At the start of every season, your furnace or air conditioner needs a thorough clean and check for it to perform at peak efficiency and result in low energy bills. Another proactive step you can take is replacing your air filters regularly. Your unit will run smoother and improve your home’s air quality. Bob’s certified technicians perform skilled repairs, routine maintenance, and installations.

Plumbing Services in Plover, WI

Are you experiencing low water pressure, standing water in your sink, cracked pipes, or a leaking toilet in your Plover home? Don’t wait another minute to call the experts at Bob’s Plumbing! It’s extremely important to maintain your drains and garbage disposals on a regular basis in order to avoid unnecessary repairs. A simple solution of salt and baking soda, followed by vinegar, will dissolve hair and soap residue caught in your drain. If your garbage disposal isn’t properly taken care of, it can start to break down and product odors. Grinding rigid materials like egg shells and fish bones can clear away any build up, and citrus rinds will erase any lingering odors. These few steps will improve the efficiency of your homes plumbing.

Let us put our experience and knowledge to good use. Give us a call to schedule your next plumbing or heating and cooling appointment at 715-824-3902.

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