Honest and Reliable Air Conditioner Repair Near You

You and your family deserve to walk into a nice, cool home in the hot summer. So if your A/C just can’t keep up with those needs, call Bob’s Plumbing & Heating of Central Wisconsin. Our team of Bryant® experts can help you stay comfortable with efficient and reliable air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation. Give our team a call today: 715-345-9990.

Air Conditioner Repair Done Right the First Time

When your cooling system goes out, you need professionals who will work quickly and efficiently to fix the problem. That’s why homeowners in the Amherst and Stevens Point areas call Bob’s. We’ll fit you into our schedule quickly. Our team has made every repair in the book—we can pinpoint the problem area, diagnose the solution, and have your cool air back on as quickly as we can.

Home Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Sometimes, a repair is too costly or unsafe to make. If that happens, know that you’re in good hands with Bob’s. We’ll lay out all your options for new systems and help you choose the one that makes the most sense for you. That includes:

Central A/C

Today’s energy-efficient models can help you save hundreds in utility expenses, increase your home value, keep your indoor air clean, and dramatically reduce your impact on the environment. We offer energy-efficient Bryant models for homes and budgets of all sizes.

High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are highly convenient and efficient units for one simple reason—because they work as both an air conditioner and a heating system. During the summer, it takes heat energy from inside your house and sends it outside, just like any other A/C. Then, in the winter, it reverses that refrigerant flow. The condenser becomes the evaporator and vice versa. It’s an all-in-one system that will keep you comfortable year-round.

Commercial Rooftop Units

Bob’s also specializes in commercial HVAC. Rooftop units are the ideal way to provide room temperature control and comfort throughout your building.


In addition to dial thermostats, we can also install programmable and Wi-Fi-enabled devices for ultimate comfort control. They are easy to use and provide accurate temperature control and energy savings while enabling you to schedule heating and cooling changes throughout the day. Wi-Fi thermostats offer these same benefits but also let you remotely monitor and control settings right from your smartphone.

Zone Control Heating and Cooling Systems

Zoning set-ups enable you to adjust the temperature in different parts of your home independently. Each “zone” has its own thermostat, letting you set the temp for that area without affecting the rest of your house. It’ll boost your energy efficiency and save you money.

Protect Your A/C With Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioner service can help you save money on energy and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Our techs clean and tune all working parts inside your system, resulting in smooth and efficient operation. This annual service will keep your system working for years, reducing both the amount of repairs you’ll need and the likelihood that you’ll need a new system.

Trust Your Cool Comfort to Bob’s

Whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement, Bob’s can help you get the job done. Call us today or contact us online to get started.

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