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Efficient Air Conditioners

Air conditioner applianceChoosing an efficient air conditioner may save you hundreds in utility expenses, increase your home value, keep your indoor air clean, and dramatically reduce your impact on the environment. We have an energy-efficient Bryant® cooling system for every kind of home and budget, and you can count on us to do “Whatever it Takes” to keep your family comfortable. Ask us about cash-back and energy rewards, too.


High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

A heat pump is simply an air conditioner that can work in reverse to heat the house when cooling isn’t needed.

– During the cooling season, it collects heat from the interior of the house and discharges it to the exterior, like any other air conditioner.

– During the heating season, it reverses the flow of the refrigerant. The condenser becomes the evaporator and the evaporator becomes the condenser. The principle is similar to a refrigerator: the refrigerator’s cooling system takes heat from inside the refrigerator and releases the heat into the kitchen, via the coils on the back of the refrigerator.


Commercial Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop systems provide room temperature control and comfort throughout your commercial building.



Bryant thermostatProgrammable thermostats are easy to use and provide accurate temperature control and energy savings while enabling you to program your heating and cooling requirements throughout the day. Wi-Fi thermostats offer these same benefits as well as the ability to remotely monitor and control temperature settings over the Internet. For customers who prefer manually controlled settings, non-programmable thermostats are simple to use and provide reliable, consistent comfort control.


Zone Control Heating & Cooling Systems

A zone-controlled system enables you to adjust the temperature in various parts of your home independently. Each area of your home will have its own thermostat, enabling you to set the temperature for just that area. Your heating system will be more energy efficient and save money.